MOVIE – Switzerland 2017 (Zodiac Pictures)

O U R   E F F O R T
  • Translation
  • Adaptation
  • Casting
  • Dubbing
  • Mix TV 2.0

Papa Moll ( Stefan Kurt ) does not have it easy in his first movie adventure: At home, the water pipes are damaged, his son Fritzli ( Maxwell Mare ) makes trouble with the village policeman ( Erich Vock ) and his job as quality inspector in the chocolate factory is on the verge because the sales of chocolate marmeli are rapidly breaking down. An express big order from China, which has to go on stage over the weekend, could barely save the brittle situation. When Mama Moll ( Isabella Schmid ) also told him that the wellness weekend in Bad Zurzach with the women’s group is just around the corner, and his boss ( Martin Rapold) hijacked his deceitful children over the weekend, of course, the chaos is inevitable.