FEATURE DOCUMENTARY – Switzerland 2014 (E-Motions Films) – Directed by Simona Canonica

O U R   E F F O R T
  • Sound Design
  • Mix TV 2.0
  • Mix Cinema 5.1

The water in the creekbed getting lower. Children, women, pets and wild animals take advantage of it for their own needs. At the village work is scarce, those men who emigrated are having difficulties coming back and those who dreamed of leaving no longer dare. Ezequiel, elder of the village, remembers “the hacienda one times was rich but we lived like slaves”. During his life he witnessed the evolution of this land. Now his grandchildren starting to be independent and he seeing the deserted streets and dry fields, is worried. The wind whooshes along the streets of Cruces, laden with sand and dirt. Farm animals are on the brink of starvation and cactus is the only source of nourishment left.