FEATURE DOCUMENTARY – Switzerland 2018 (RSI) – Directed by Stefano Ferrari

O U R   E F F O R T
  • Sound Design
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A syrian child dreams of seeing his mother again.

A group of swiss mothers faces a long struggle for him …


Dear Ahmad, one day I think your mom will tell you about when she had to let you leave with your father and your brother to get you to that country that believed it could cure your illness: Switzerland.

When you arrived in our town you have immediately bewitched us. And everyone wanted to help you.

But what seemed like a dream was broken and like in a game, after almost 2 years between us, you had to take a step back, that March 30th 2017, when they brought you back to Germany.

But they did not know that here in Giubiasco, your magic, your spell was by now accomplished … (Stefano Ferrari)