DOCUMENTARY – Switzerland 2017 (Corso Film et.al.) – Directed by Carolin Genreith

O U R   E F F O R T
  • Translation
  • Adaptation
  • Casting
  • Voice-over
  • Mix
  • Graphics
  • Subtitles

It is probably the horror of every daughter: A postcard from Thailand, which reads: “My love, I’m fine here, I eat Pat Thai and drink Chang beer and I’ve met a woman who is younger than you Greetings, dad. ” For a few years my father has changed a lot. After separating from my mother, he exchanged walking shoes for flip-flops and has been traveling to Thailand every year for a few weeks, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends – all over 60 and divorced. My dad says he and his friends have the best time of their lives there. I think, oh god, what was driving in him? The Thailand trips are embarrassing for me as a daughter and in our home village in the northern Eifel the topic of conversation at the regular’s table. “The Genreith is a sex tourist,” say the men, or: ” 

“Happy” is a loving, serene and very personal documentary about men, the search for late happiness and the question of what love is when you’re over 60 and you’re scared to grow old on your own.