DOCUMENTARY – Switzerland 2015 (Reck Film) – Directed by Anka Schmid

O U R   E F F O R T
  • Translation
  • Adaptation
  • Casting
  • Voice-over
  • Mix
  • Subtitles
  • Graphics

Female sculptors shine in the limelight with predator numbers and fight behind the scenes for their existence: Namayca, Carmen, Nadezhda, Aliya and Anosa are five charismatic animal tamers from four different countries. As a domina and cuddly cat they play in the ring with the contrast between weak woman and wild beast. They always overcome their own limits and are in mortal danger: a dangerous show full of dedication, absolute presence and physical perfection. The close-up relationship with their animals is sensual – and extremely exhausting.

The director Anka Schmid (with the belly through the wall) shines through the harsh reality behind the sparkling pictures and allows a respectful view of the exotic life of the artists. Always in the conflict between feminine gentleness and authoritative harshness, the female artists are fighting for their existence as women and trainer – a profession that may no longer be practiced in the near future. A film of irrepressible power that tests the image of the beautiful and the beast.