DOCUMENTARY – Switzerland 2012 (RSI) – Directed by Patrik Soergel

O U R   E F F O R T
  • Sound Design
  • Voice-over
  • Mix

Detroit was once the engine of America’s automotive industry. Thanks to its triumph came the middle class. In the 50’s Detroit was one of the richest cities in the world. With the arrival of foreign competition and the outsourcing of jobs, Detroit’s industrial hegemony collapsed generating unemployment and deterioration. Today the city is partly a ghost town in the brink of bankrupcy. Everywhere in the city there are large areas affected by abandonment. But not the whole city is abandoned: new businesses and initiatives are starting. Many individuals, from the ashes of the past, are looking for new ways to revive and reinvent the city.

The documentary tells the stories of eight unique people who live in Detroit, trying to make sense of the mess and the uncertainty. Their stories reflect the evolution of American society and the post-industrial era.