5 Instrucional Videos- Switzerland 2019 (Maybaum Film)

O U R   E F F O R T
  • Adaptation
  • Casting
  • Voice-over
  • Dubbing

Gilles, André’s brother, did not pay attention to an intersection: the experienced and usually very attentive centaur crashed into a car. Next stop: intensive care. Despite being out of danger of life, it is not known if he will ever get back in the saddle. Unfortunately, cases like these are not a rarity. Motorcycle accidents with serious or even fatal injuries occur frequently. For André, one thing is certain: every victim on two wheels is a victim too much. So he decides to turn his Chevy van G20 V8 into a mobile recording studio and to convene real professional riders, with the aim of making motorcyclists in Switzerland aware of the dangers of road traffic.